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All listed prices on our website are denominated in US dollars.  

1. Pay by Credit Card and Paypal   We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards if the order is less than 1500 USD Your credit card information will be securely submitted to and verified by Visa and Mastercard to ensure authorized usage.   When you chick the linkage which go for below is right. No worry about it. Our payment system is provided by Payease.  

2. Pay by Western Union:    Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services and it is the best fast and easy method payment over the world.  To find the closest agency near you, please visit      Send money to family, friends or anyone else. Transfer money online from bank account to bank account with Pay A Person.

  Important Note:

1. For security purposes, your shipping address should be the same as your billing address (as shown on your monthly credit card billing statement).  

2. MasterCard payments usually have a higher rejection rate. We advise using a Visa card .  

3. Credit card payments may have a higher rejection rate for customers outside of North America due to extra level of security required.  We advise using Paypal,Western Union or payment instead.