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Looking for Custom Neon Signs?  Do you own a business and would like to display your logo on a neon sign? Are you looking for neon signs to resell on wholesale? If your answer is yes then you have found the perfect partner in uk - Custom Neon Signs

About Us

We are an international neon signs company with our service team based in the UK . Our company has been in operation for over a decade and boasts of a large professional team. There are many advantages you enjoy by using our services which include;

* Customized neon signs - just send us a draft design of your logo and we will have the neon sign depicting the same come to life.
* Best deals - by dealing directly with us, you avoid middlemen and thus get good value for your money. You only pay for the neon sign and not some random person's fees.
* Great discounts - for any order exceeding 5 pieces, you get a discount.
* Competitive prices - since we do offer neon signs on wholesale, you can be guaranteed of competitive prices which you wont find anywhere.

Custom neon

The beauty of neon signs is the fact that they can be customized to fit your business logo or mascot for that matter. The steps are simple;
* Choose the size of the sign - it depends on the design, logo and artwork embedded.
* If you have not thought of a design, you can simply engage our team for ideas which you review and order for unless there are tweaks you want
* Choose the color
* Choose the font size then review and approve the neon sign blueprint.

We are on call 24 - 7 just for you. Contact us on or better yet call our customer desk for inquiries and quotes on custom and wholesale neon signs. Visit our website and check out some of the custom neon signs we made.

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